„This amazingly located restaurant can definitely be rated 5 stars, regarding the service and the food as well. Beside you can enjoy nice music suitable for the atmosphere of the place. All of our senses were completely satisfied.”


Would you like to taste our story?

Szálka was populated long ago by the Swabians located here, their architectural habits can be seen on the houses, and their tastes appear in the gastronomy of the valley. We guard this heritage as treasure, this is how our every bit of our hospitality is local: we present the plants of our gardens, the wilds of our lakes and forests according to the heritage of the Swabian gastronomy.

When someone puts food into his mouth, in reality he tastes a piece of heaven and earth and the essence of people living there. Every landscape has its unique flavour under the sky, this is how our story is unique and our taste is inimitable.

Our dishes…

„Fantastic” „Exceptional” „Extremely tasty” „Super” „Perfect” „Unforgettable”


Tenderloin with butter green bean, napkin dumplings and mustard sauce

Grilled cheese with mashed carrots and grilled zucchini



Live happily and eat well!

Where is Szálka?

The village located on south part of Szekszárd hills – embraced by vineyards and forests.

Its highest point is Szálka mountain with 245 metres. It has diverse geographical conditions due to areas rugged by hills and valleys. 70% of administrative area of the village is forest, so Szálka is likely to be the woodiest village of Hungary. The land is characterized by diverse flora and fauna. Due to wide range of forests, sylviculture and game farming have a central role is local people’s life.

It has significant game population, mainly wild boar, roe deer, red deer and fallow deer. In our days Szálka’s most beautiful natural value is the lake bloated in Lajvér valley, with area of 67 hectares, which provides excellent opportunity for fishing or swimming, too.

The countrywide Blue Tour’s route leads walkers by the lake shore in shady forests.

Szálka as a settlement is more than thousand year old, its name as used today originates from bishopric of Pécs. The village started its real development during settlement of Germans.

Now days horse keeping has its renaissance, grey cattle keeping is also have taken a root, just as sheep, goat and cattle keeping.

Accommodations nearby

Noresa pension

Following the philosophy of Rousseau “Back to nature” you may spend couple of unforgettable days in Szálka in the Noresa Panzió. The building also inside and outside recalls the essence of the provincial architecture so helps even more to break away from the every days of the city. In the village you have the opportunity to fish, to hunt, to take a tour and to take enormous walks by the side of the lake of Szálka.

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Lajvér Wine House

Everything is in place for perfect relaxation on the Lajvér wine land. Award winning wines, beautiful land with the hills of Szálka and vineyards, gourmet foods and magnificent accommodation. Everything is in place to spend a perfect weekend in Szálka.


Lajvér Wine House


The specialty of our technology is maintained by an exciting duality. We successfully enlarged the gentle, hand work based technology, which is basically characterised by small wineries, to a scale which do not force us to compromise.

Pleasant restaurant at Szekszárd’s wine region, where we welcome you with suitable hospitality.


7121 Szálka,
Kossuth Lajos u. 89.





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