Helyi alapanyagokra és a magyar hagyományokra alapozva helyi ízeket kínálunk.

Kifogástalan alapanyagok összhangja.
Fontosnak tartjuk a konyhában a megújulást, de meg kell óvjuk gasztronómiai hagyományainkat is

Chef’s Recommendation


Tandoori sweet potato soup with vension meatballs *

1090 ft


Chestnut – passion fruit 

1090 ft

Main Courses

Grilled smoked parenica with pumpkin pasta and butter red beet (V)

2990 ft

Stuffed vension rib with tarragon red bean pottage

3490 ft

Goose breast with red cabbage and sour cream dumplings

3890 ft

Stuffed, deep fried zander filet with sweet potato and roasted Jerusalem artichoke puree (G)

3990 ft

Állandó étlapunk


Venison pate fried dough with toast and marinated vegetables *

1990 Ft

Pike-perch cheek with fruits of citrus, crunchy salad and honey-vanilla sauce

1990 Ft

Duck liver pâte with home-made brioche and jam made of seasonal fruit

2390 Ft


Veal ragout soup with thyme and savory*

1090 Ft

Guinea fowl soup with meat balls and vegetable ravioli

1090 Ft

Main Courses

Venison sirloin fried in dried plum marinade with beets

4490 Ft

Pork neck with roasted ’knedli’ dumplings
and cabbage stewed in apple cider vinegar*(G)

2990 Ft

Chicken breast filled with home-made ham and fresh cheese
with mashed potatoes

2990 Ft

Legs of wild boar roasted in whole
with squared pasta filled with ceps mushroom*

3990 Ft

Skin-on roasted zander with orange fennel and roasted vegetables(G)(L)

3990 Ft

Forest mushrooms wild boar ragout with home-made potato doughnut*

3990 Ft

Catfish stew and cottage cheese noodle soufflé wrapped in bacon of Kolozsvár

3690 Ft

Roasted rabbit leg with vegetables cream,
sour cream mousse and potato dumplings

3990 Ft

Fried veal leg with soft-boiled egg and potato salad with pumpkin seed oil

3690 Ft

Venison stew with Hungarian potato dumplings*

3590 Ft

Tagliatelle with venison and parmesan flakes

3690 Ft

Pork cheek confit with garlic home-made noodles

3690 Ft

Rib eye steak with red pesto sauce with home-made jacket potato and salad with
balsamic vinegar dressing

4990 Ft

Double meat kraut burger made of venison and wild boar
with purple onion jam and home-made roasted potatoes

2990 Ft


Chocolate crème brûlée with vanilla apple(G)(L)

1090 Ft

Roasted kraut cottage cheese dumplings with poppy seed and sour cherry

1090 Ft

Nut Vanilla

1090 Ft


Cucumber salat/with sour cream

590 Ft

Tomato salad with balsamic dressing

590 Ft

Pickled cucumber

590 Ft

Home-made mixed pickles

590 Ft

Spicy mix

590 Ft

Recommended to wine tastings

Home-made cheese selection from Vidók family

1790 Ft


Mineral waters

Szentkirályi 0,33 L

360 Ft

Szentkirályi 0,75 L

580 Ft

Szódavíz 1 L

50 Ft

Homemade juices

Gáti Papa peach, grape, apple, cherry (100%) 0,1 L

200 Ft

Cappy orange (100%) 0,25 L

400 Ft

Fruit syrup

Elder, raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry 0,1 L

180 Ft


Coca-cola 0,25 L

390 Ft

Schweppes orange 0,25 L

390 Ft

Schweppes canada dry

390 Ft

Schweppes tonic 0,25 L

390 Ft

Orange juice (100%) 0,2 L

400 Ft

Home made icetea 0,1 L

180 Ft

Coffees – Tea


390 Ft


390 Ft


480 Ft

Latte macchiato

480 Ft

Cafe latte

480 Ft

Decaffeinated Coffee

450 Ft

Alternative milk (lactose free, rice, soy, oat) 0,1 L

100 Ft

Tea selection black, green, white (Demmers)

400 Ft


Baileys 4 cl

650 Ft

Zwack Unicum 4 cl

650 Ft

Jägermeister 4 cl

650 Ft



Heineken 0,25 L

380 Ft

Heineken 0,50 L

450 Ft


Heineken 0,33 L

480 Ft

Krusovice 0,50 L

550 Ft

Krusovice (barna) 0,50 L

550 Ft


Karl 0,50 L

1190 Ft


Edelweis Heafetrüb 0,50 L

890 Ft


Heineken 0,33 L

590 Ft

Gösser lemon 0,33 L

490 Ft

Sparkling wines

Törley Gála 0,75 L

3500 Ft

Törley Charmant Doux 0,75 L

3500 Ft

Hungária Extra Dry 0,75 L

5500 Ft

Hungária Rose 0,75 L

5500 Ft



Gemec whiskey 48% 4 Cl

800 Ft

Johnnie Walker Red Label 4 Cl

650 Ft

Jim Beam 4 Cl

550 Ft

Jameson 4 Cl

850 Ft

Jack Daniel’s 4 Cl

950 Ft

Chivas Regal 12. Y. o. 4 Cl

1150 Ft


Russian standard 4 Cl

550 Ft


Bacardi Negra 4 Cl

550 Ft


Remy Martin V.s.o.p 4 Cl

1500 Ft

Pleasant restaurant at Szekszárd’s wine region, where we welcome you with suitable hospitality.


TUESDAY – SATURDAY – 11:00 ~ 22:00

SUNDAY – 11:00 ~ 17:00


Kitchen hours: Tuesday- Saturday 11-21

Sunday 11-16



7121 Szálka,
Kossuth Lajos u. 89.






* Signed foods are available in half portion on 70% discount price. Ask the chef’s advice in case of Food Allergy!
(G) Gluten-free option available. (L) Lactose-free option available. (V) Our vegetarian dish.

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